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In professional workday there are situations in which you need to prove the existence of documents, photos, videos or websites.

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Use our web application to certify any document, contract, image or video. To do this, you can simply upload and certify your files.

Certify the existence of some website content at a specific time or over time. The platform shows you a preview before certifying.  Sign digitally if you wish.

When photos and videos are taken, the documentation is certified, spending a certification token. An email is automatically received with the certificate of proof of existence.

Check your list of certifications in your administration panel. Only you keep the original documents. 

The hash allows you to identify the document, track it and prove its inalterability, from everywhere and whenever.

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Certify and digitally sign any file or web content in blockchain

Certify in the safest way, with just a few clicks, where and when you need it.


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of any task or document.

Everyday, professionals and users live situations that require proving the performance of tasks or the existence of documents. ByHashing offers solutions for all needs.



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